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BPM-Club Expertendialog: Process Automation und RPA


von 18:00 bis 21:00

in Mercedes-Benz Tower 360° - Konferenzebene - Großer Konferenzraum

Arnulfstraße 61, 80636 München

Über den Vortrag

How the BPM platform is helping the insurance market leader in Czech republic to face legislation and market challanges.

In the digital age, paper-based processes are obsolete and obstruct progress. Leading European insurance provider Generali CEE Holding ditched its labor-intensive paper processes during its company-wide digitization. Not only did they save time, but ensured compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations in their corporate risk underwriting.

Hear Jan Marek, BPM Team Leader, share how:

·         How RPA implementation is enabling cost saving and higher accuracy in underwriting processes

·         Generali BPM Program setup; How to start and not lose sight of direction

·         Position of the BPM platform in IT environment and how to integrate with Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)


18:00  Get together mit einem kleinen Snack

19:00  Begrüßung und Vorstellung der Gastgeber und des BPM-Club

19:30  Vortrag (in Englisch) mit anschließender Diskussion 

"Mitigation of risks via the business process automation"


Jan Marek, BPM Team Leader, Generali Insurance

Orchestrates the high-risk and life insurance system which currently processes over 50,000 cases in total per year. Experienced International Project Manager with strengths in JAVA, requirements analysis and communication.

20:30 Networking

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